Gli auguri nell’albero: grazie ragazzi!

Flickr Photo Download: Albero scherzoso festa natale 2bt 2

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2 Risposte to “Gli auguri nell’albero: grazie ragazzi!”

  1. Osman Says:

    Your site seems to be about linguistics? right? I would love to understand what you write 😦 But i don’t know your language but i should tell that i loved that lovely boy’s picture! amazing!

  2. salvomenza Says:

    Right. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the site is about linguistics and about the use of (generative) linguistics at school.
    I’ll try to add english translations to major posts.
    Also take a look at
    in the section “Esperimenti grammaticali” you’ll find some proposals about clause structure by my students (they are 15 years old, and they are able to criticize the model and make some new hypothesis!)


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